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  2. From Loneliness To Solitude, And Beyond: A Journey Of Hope And Peace
  3. The importance of Solitude for a happy life
  4. We don’t know how to cope with Solitude
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‘Eye See You’: Have YOU Seen Sylvester Stallone’s Only Horror Movie?

Solitude fosters innovation and that can change the way we see collaboration. Intentional solitude as opposed to loneliness can be a decisive turning point in our communities. I know this from fact since I used to be a very sad and wistful person. But this state of being began to change when I decided to take time to intentionally be by myself, to intentionally be alone. Going through that journey of solitude crossed my mind when my father passed away three years ago.

I was terribly sad and basically always looking in the past rather than collect myself and build up for the future. So I started going on outdoorsy activities alone even though I was still plagued by my own thoughts.

From Loneliness To Solitude, And Beyond: A Journey Of Hope And Peace

Basically I was seeking active solitude. In the meantime, I enhanced my meditation practice to face my thoughts and better deal with them. Once my confidence began to grow, I started doing bigger things like thirty-kilometer trails and much more enjoying time with other people. Even little things like plopping down on a carpet in a middle of a busy day for 6, 10 minutes eyes open or calming down your mind for a couple of minutes is not a bad thing. You will feel calmer, free from the expectations of others and more focused.

You will feel less stress from work and more in harmony with your living environment.

This kind of practice needs repetition since creating new habits takes time and repetition. Trust the process and pay attention to how you feel every time you decide to go on active solitude. What would happen if you spent ten minutes before bed every night or if you woke up ten minutes earlier in the morning and just sat by yourself? What would that change in your life??

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  4. The importance of Solitude for a happy life.
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I firmly told Julie that I needed my sleep and that she could call me shortly before it was time to leave. When I woke up the next morning Julie was already fully dressed and she was sitting quietly with her Bible and her copy of Operation World. I generally started mine at 8. I believe that this practice has helped towards building resilience into my life. You need a break from the chaos, from the noise and the crowds, more than you may think at first. You need the spiritual disciplines of silence and solitude. In closing I will share a quote from this book that resonated with me:.

Kevin MacLeod ~ Journey of Solitude

We might get alone and be quiet to hear our own internal voice, the murmurs of our soul that are easily drowned out in noise and crowds. Vicky, I have been getting up early for a time of solitude and study for nearly 25 years.

The importance of Solitude for a happy life

I am so thankful that it was an ingrained habit before Dominic left us. In the still, small moments of the early morning, when the day is new, I am able to hear from God even when my heart is hurting. I pray that it continues to bless you. Thank you for this beautiful post! Like Liked by 1 person. Amazingly my devotional reading for today is based on Luke and focuses on the importance of solitude! Contact with others in society is not what causes the soul to grow most vigorously.

In fact, one quiet hour of prayer will often yield greater results than many days spent in the company of others. Acknowledge the effect they are having on you. Try not to judge them. It is good to bring an attitude of curiosity and exploration to this inner activity. You may like to gently enquire of your experience: what is this thing and how did it get here? Notice how thoughts and feelings arise and pass away. Where possible, let them go. Ifthis is not possible, simply notice that you have become attached and let them be. Do not try to fight them. Be open to what they may have to teach you and know that they will change of their own accord when the time is right.

It is extremely important to be gentle with yourself as you engage in the practice of solitude. Sometimes the thoughts and feelings which come to the surface are disturbing. It is easy to become frustrated or depressed at an apparent lack of progress.

We don’t know how to cope with Solitude

Whatever your experience, hold it gently and be kind to yourself. Try not to judge yourself.

Journeys in Solitude

Remember, we are all imperfect and much of spiritual growth is concerned with becoming aware of our flaws and accepting them. We are all in need of mercy in some way and it is this very need that opens us up to the grace of the Transcendent.

Episode 2 | A Leader’s Journey into Silence and Solitude - Transforming Center

As St. Do not be afraid to accept your weaknesses. We all have them and we are all struggling with the human condition one way or another. The more we are kind and compassionate with ourselves, the more we will be kind and compassionate to others. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all! He may be clearing you out for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice, meet them at the door laughing, and invite them in. Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond. A common mistake made by those new to the practice of solitude is to try too hard. It is necessary to strike a healthy balance between having a little structure and discipline to your days and pushing yourself too hard.

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Too much effort produces a striving energy which gets in the way of the open and relaxed state of mind which makes it possible to listen and to be present. Go easy on yourself. If you need to sleep, sleep. If you need to relax, relax. Listen to your body and what it needs. Trust that each moment contains all it needs for your spiritual growth. Keep in mind also that being in solitude is not easy.