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Abduction - The Final Hour You are an eminent personality of the country and have been kidnapped by a terrorist organization to blackmail the president for your release! Little do they know about your skills, you must plan and execute an escape plan before the president makes a compromise! You must enter an occult forest to uncover the secret behind the mysterious killings happening in the cursed woods and save the villagers.

Two Risk-Free Ways to Review

It is the ferocious beast, the witch or something else? Beware, no one returns from this atrocious place! The legacy of your family is waiting for its worthy heir since years. Your ancestral house is all you know you got from your forefathers.

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Is it just this abandoned mansion or something else that old walls of this mansions is keeping safe for you? To claim you must prove your worth..

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Are you the one? As a group of curious adventure seekers, you plan an excursion to the home of supernatural to experience an encounter with the paranormal.

  • The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices – Women's Choir.
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Behind the Mystery is a special segment dedicated to revolutionizing the way the health care system works for those suffering from a rare and genetic disorder. Join us as we discuss the diagnosis and symptoms of polycythemia vera PV with hematologist, Dr.

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Shachar Peles. Its symptoms are similar to other conditions and ATTR patients are very often misdiagnosed. Behind the Mystery. Behind the Mystery takes a closer look at one of the two types of Polycystic Kidney disease.

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Behind the Mystery takes a closer look at Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm, a rare disease that is often misdiagnosed and affects at least to 1, patients each year in the U. The Balancing Act welcomes back Ilana Jacqueline to discuss her brave journey as she continues battling a rare disease. We're learning about Pompe disease, a rare neuromuscular disorder affecting the hips, thighs, and shoulders, as well as muscles in the lungs.

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